Here’s to the best soloists in town!

For the m:idea Youth Choice Awards (MYCA) 2013, we have decided to roll out a brand new award – the first time in the history of MYCA! We are hereby pleased to present our best soloists in town!


Shigga Shay

Photo courtesy of Sparkxx Magazine

Motto of his life: “If I die making history, it’ll be all worth it”, and commonly known as the “Singaporean Kanye West”, Shigga Shay is a music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Tied with droll punch lines, his songs are infectious and have caused waves on the Internet with the success of his mixtape.

Check out his official page here!


Vanessa Faith

Photo courtesy of Vanessa’s Facebook page

Being able to tour Starbucks outlets in Singapore, Singaporean independent singer-song writer Vanessa Faith, was able to share her music live with cafe patrons in September. Her sweet vocals and songwriting talents were inspired by her musical influences such as Feist, Ingrid Michaelson and Brooke Fraser.

Visit her page here!


Kevin Lester

Photo courtesy of

A solo rapper, composer and producer, Kevin also leads the band SIXX, making music that infuses the flavour of soul, electronic rock and hip-hop into one crazy dish! His music is whopping, intrepid and humble, and the direct opposite of the ordinary hip-hop swagger with blings, women and baggy clothings.

Check out his page here!


Shimona Kee

Photo Courtesy of Shimona’s Facebook Page

Local indie singer-songwriter Shimona Kee, grew up loving music – passion for singing, but was actually very shy. But most importantly, it was the death of her younger brother, Reuben Kee that inspired her to chasing her dreams. Three words to describe her music – reflective, honest, and simple.

Check out her songs here!


Nat Ho

Photo courtesy of Jason Ho

Nat Ho considers himself becoming an actor by chance, and that singing has always been his first love. He believes in chasing his dreams, whatever the cost. While at the same time, his lyrics also embrace words of encouragement for people to pursue what they really want too! This is his definition of what music is for.

Check out his page here!


Sylvia Ratonel

Photo courtesy of

Quoting Alicia Keys, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera as her musical idols, Sylvia Ratonel confesses that these artistes were the inspirations in her music. She rose to eminence during Season 3 of Singapore Idol, and also becoming the first ever-Singaporean ambassador for cosmetic brand, Maybelline New York!


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