2012 MYCA Roundup

Plenty of buzz at MYCA 2012, definitely! Check out some of the OMG-worthy things that were said during the awards show!

So modest, Mr Yam!


Always so nice to know that there’s so much love between our local bands. Take a leaf from them, Lil’ Kim!

With FLYING COLOURS, Aarika! You guys looked snazzy!

Sorry for the lack of beer, Matthew, but we hope you guys had fun just the same!

All 5 Cutest Male Personality nominees at the SAME PLACE?! Somebody hold us, please.

Blood, sweat and tears, guys, blood, sweat and tears.

Thank goodness there weren’t any wardrobe malfunctions during the awards show!


Here’s a huge personal thank you to all you tweet-heads out there for flooding twitter with MYCA 2012 tweets! Fail Whale says hi!

From Irene Ang, who was more than happy to receive her award (Most Awesome Personality I Wanna Be BFFs With):

Michelle Chong thought her being nominated was pretty cool too:

And here’s what was said AFTER the parteh:

We were pretty bummed Michelle Chong and Alaric Tay weren’t able to make it for the event to accept their award(s), but they sent us some love too!

Special props to Popspoken for giving a very entertaining live update on the awards show via their twitter account!



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